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The Securities Institute and John Wiley & Sons provide exam preparation products for individuals and companies in the Financial Industry. We are uniquely positioned to deliver the most comprehensive and advanced securities exam training - from our Exam Textbooks, Practice Questions, to our reporting and student tracking, we produce exceptional results. Together we help thousands of securities professionals build successful careers in the financial services industry every year.

We conduct onsite securities training classes across the country for your convenience. Please call The Securities Institute today to schedule a class at your location.

Greenlight Exams

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Our all new Greenlight exams will ensure that you are ready to pass. Our Greenlight exams are based on the latest feedback from students, regulators and SRO notices and contain the most up to date content tested. These Greenlight exams have gone through exhaustive research and testing. No one in our test group who has passed the Greenlight exam failed the actual exam! Ensure you are ready to pass today.

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What is the best securities exam prep option?

Choose the exam prep option that is right for you!

  • Hold an Onsite Class
  • Be sure to pass with the help of a Private Tutor
  • Attend Classroom Training
  • Learn 24 X 7 with our Interactive Online Video Training Classes
  • Take tests anywhere with our State of the Art Exam Preparation Software
  • Learn what you need to pass your securities exam with our world class Textbooks
  • Monitor your agents' progress with our Real Time Tracking and Reporting for Managers and Training Directors

New Mobile Learning Library New York offices scene Wiley and The Securities Institute are pleased to introduce the most innovative "study on the go" solution. Now students may interact dynamically with all of our textbooks via any mobile device. This mobile library allows students to not only study anytime, anywhere, but also allows for interaction between students and social learning. Students may join study groups, share highlights, notes, questions, test tips and ideas with each other. Our mobile securities exam prep solutions are the perfect way for training directors to deploy a comprehensive training solution to a mobile workforce.

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We offer multiple ways for you to pass your Industry Exam requirements.

  • Online Video Classes
  • Fact-Filled Textbooks
  • Practice Questions
  • On-Site Classes

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