Built-in reports give managers and administrators the ability to track learner progress, attendance, competencies and more. Customizing reports can be readily integrated.

Tracking and Reporting Administration

Exam Results

Track exam completion with the exam results report. Lists specific lesson containing the exam, the date the exam was completed, and the score achieved.

Student Profile

Track all students or just some students with the student profile report. This particular report lists Profile information such as, Name, E-mail, Phone number, User Name/Password and date the student was added to your education program.

Registered Courses

One of our most popular reports. Find out what courses a student is registered for, using the registered course report, this includes the Last Login Date, Completion Status, and the student's User Name and Password.

Date Report

Great for meeting education deadlines! The date report lists the student's Registered Courses, the Required Date, and the Completion Date.

Detail Report

This report is similar to the Date Report, but also lists specific information such as Bookmark Data and Number of Exam submissions before successful completion.

Status Report

Our status report displays progress. Check the status of student course completion.

Online Needs Analysis Results

At your fingertips, get the results of your online needs analysis.

Search/Add Student 

An easy way to get new candidates into your existing continuing education program, registration complete in minutes.  Or change/edit existing student profile.